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Wireless Data & Telecommunications

Internet Connectivity

Indoor Wi-Fi solutions. Ideal for SOHO clients but powerful enough to run whole office buildings.


We can now incorporate the well-known VoIP phone system into our Wi-Fi network and have you calling cheaper than on any other network in the country. You can even phone your Vox friends for FREE!!!

Integrated systems

As a Solution Provider, we pride ourselves on being able to present integrated systems that can incorporate CCTV equipment with other key areas such as access control, fleet management and point-of-sale surveillance.

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Wistec specializes in super-fast internet connectivity and hotspot services. We have packages that will suit your business and home wireless users to advanced symmetrical wireless and dedicated solutions.

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VoiP Phone

At Wistec we understand that giving a quality controlled VoIP call, needs a Quality controlled network. Wi-Fi is a tricky thing, and that’s why we employ carrier grade equipment to support this through our Fibre Optic line. It’s simply the best way to carry these protocols, and with addition of our quality control servers, we give higher priority to VoIP over normal data transfers. This means that high traffic over data will never influence VoIP transmission.

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Integrated systems  

Wistec supply all these technologies and can even link your CCTV surveillance system to the web. We also employ the latest security measures for our network to block hacking of vulnerable data on client computers. Although we use server level Clam anti-virus and Linux firewalls to protect our network from outside intrusion, 3rd party anti-virus security software are left to the discretion of the end user.

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Domain Registrations

At Wistec we register your domain and get hosting today! Choose from, .com, .net, .org and many more.

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