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Capped Client Packages


There are 11 different packages available here for CAPPED clients:


The Capped (un-Shaped) Clients works in 2 ways:

1)Prepaid - The Client is CAPPED at his contract specified GIGs, and has to log on to back end client portal to topup. Cap is NOT accumulated or carried over. He pays for extra cap thru a)Netcash credit card b)EFT.


2)Postpaid - The client is NOT CAPPED at his contract specific GIG’s, and just continues with data. Extra CAP is charged at end of monthly period. Cap is NOT accumulated or carried over.


All payments for extra Top-Ups can be made thru a)Sage Paynow credit card b)EFT on our client area portal.


Capped Client Packages (Prepaid and Postpaid)



Code Wistec Bronze Products (10/1) Price
A1 Wistec 4Meg with 2Gig Cap Shaped R110
A2 Wistec 4Meg with 10Gig Cap Shaped R320
A3 Wistec 4Meg with 20Gig Cap Shaped R500
A4 Wistec 4Meg with 30Gig Cap Shaped R650
A5 Wistec 4Meg with 50Gig Cap Shaped R750
A6 Wistec 6Meg with 30Gig Cap Shaped R860
A7 Wistec 10Meg with 30Gig Cap Shaped R1200
A8 Wistec 10Meg with 50Gig Cap Shaped R1500
A9 Wistec 15Meg with 100Gig Cap Shaped R2500
A10 Wistec 20Meg with 200Gig Cap Shaped (If Available) R3500
A11 Wistec 30Meg with 400Gig Cap Shaped (If Available) R6000


For Postpaid products ranging form code A7 to A11, exctra cap cost will decrease

(ie: 45, 40, 35, 30, 20)P/GB

For Postpaid Products Ranging from code A1 to A6, extra cap wil cost R57 P/GB

All Pricing includes VAT.

The product price does not include installation fees or last mile instrumentaion.