We have different installation options available on a Contract base:
 There are also optional extras available which can be discussed with the installers:  

Standard including Desktop Wifi
This comes with a standard desktop router with guaranteed signal for the room it is in. Good starting point when you want to grow your internal network.
Standard including High Power Wifi
This comes with a High Power Ceiling mount router covering up to 90% of the house, depending on the structure. The HP Access Point has the latest AC throughput standards with built in beam forming technology.
Relocate your installation
Moving to another house? Still in our coverage area? No Problem, just book us and we will do the move for you.
Extend your WiFi
Not getting access to the far reaches of your home? We have a range of solutions we can offer you to get that low signal corners covered. Give us a call and we will do a free site survey to determinate what will work best for you.
Other Networks
All other network needs will be quoted separately.

A site survey will ensure guarantees, because buildings are different
All Pricing includes VAT.

(Pre Paid or Post Paid)